Earn bitcoin playing Lightnite

Multiplayer battle-royale game with a bitcoin mode that rewards winners on top of a minimalist low-poly & cartoonish design.

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A new level of interaction between players.

Bitcoin micro-transactions add a new level of interaction between players. Players can earn bitcoin instantly as they shoot opponents. Many in-game items have a real value which players can consume or trade to cash out the profits using lightning.


Download the game

Available at Elixir, desktop version available for Windows, Mac and Linux


Play Lightnite

Kill enemies and win the battle-royale game. Easy?



Start earning bitcoin playing on competitive mode.

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iPhone XR

Buy skins & in-game items using bitcoin

Lightnite has an in-game store where you can purchase premium characters, skins, items, etc. You can pay with Stripe or bitcoin. You can either use your in-game balance to purchase items in the store or make a transaction directly from your wallet.

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Bring your favourite cipherpunk battle-royale game to mobile on iOS & Android

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Low Poly

Designed taking care of every little detail to bring a cartoonish minimalism

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Our plan for bitcoin mainstream adoption 🏆

Explore Lightnite’s art

Lightnite has a cartoonish low poly design. Explore the map of the game, the sci-fi characters and the cipherpynk environment.


Lightnite supports Elixir to encourage indie game development and distribution using a bitcoin-friendly platform that watches for small studios needs